This is a an online training course, this course will teach you how to fit and remove a crown volumizer/topper.

What will I learn?

You will learn everything you need to know to become a crown replacement technician, including: -health and safety -how to conduct a consultation -tailoring and placement of the systems -application, maintenance and removal of the systems -aftercare -pricing -trade suppliers -insurance.

Students are also given the option to learn how to finish with scissors.

What will my course include?

This course includes an in depth training manual and literature – as-well as a series of in depth video tutorials  -fully Insurable cpd certification upon completion.

What is crown replacement ?

Hair Loss Integration systems provide a solution for clients who may not necessarily be suitable for Hair Extensions. These systems are perfectly suited to those suffering from alopecia, thinning hair and hair that may be too short for extensions. The Crown volumiser system is designed to cover the clients crown area and can be custom made to fit each client. Once fitted, it gives the illusion of a full head of hair. It is ideal for clientele with thinning hair, a thinning crown, short hair or alopecia etc


How does the course work?


1)Firstly we will send you your training pack via email (literature and a series of tutorials ), regards to your kit, it should be with you within the next few days (if you have ordered one)

2)you will need to print your training literature (not necessarily your training manual, but the other info ).

3)watch through your training tutorials (before your kit arrives) this will help you to familiarise yourself with your chosen methods (don’t panic if it doesn’t make too much sense, it will become clear and click into place , once you start practising.

4)once your kit has arrived (or if you have your own kit) you can start practicing, feel free to watch the tutorials several times whilst practicing. If you have ordered our kit, please assemble the head clamp and insert it into the base of the head, this can be secured to a table or shelf . Lay your kit out neatly and familiarise yourself with all the tools.

5)once you are ready to start practicing it is important that you submit your work to us, STEP BY STEP. You must complete the work/practise in the correct order (this will be explained in your welcome email) It is important that you only complete one step at a time and you must submit your coursework to us, for each step, wait for our approval, then move onto the next tutorial once we have given the go ahead (this is so that no mistakes are made). Video or photographic evidence of each step is required, which can be sent to our whatsapp. (Please don’t worry there is no time frame in which you need to complete the course) We will assess your work step by step and upon practise completion we shall send you a small 20 question exam paper , based on your training manual . This should be sent back to us for marking.

6)once we have received and assessed your exam paper , we will then issue you with your CPD certificate (by post, or email if requested)